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Witness the incredible true stories of Breast Implant Illness survivors

as they recount their journey from surgery to body-positive acceptance.

Why I did it.

Because I didn’t love myself enough.

Because I wanted to feel sexy.

Because “she” had big breasts and “he” left me for her. 

Because I thought I’d be happier.

Why I took them out. 

Because they made me sick.

Because they almost killed me.

Because I wanted to live. 

Because they don’t belong in my body.

Because they made me self conscious.

Because I am enough.

Because I love myself.

Because I am enough and I love myself.

- Sheri Clemente - 

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EXPLANT tells the powerful stories of women overcoming Breast Implant Illness on their way to finding self-love and body acceptance.

Through their first hand accounts as well as interviews with leading doctors and surgeons, the film seeks to enlighten audiences on the realities and consequences of breast implants.

The documentary features interviews with Carnie Wilson, Eden Sassoon, Sheila Kelley, and an encouraging message on self love form Debra Messing. 

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Vivian is a multifaceted creative producer, director and writer. She most recently directed the feature-length docudrama film Miss Lillian - The Lillian Carter Story, about the life and relationships of Lillian Carter, President Jimmy Carter’s mother. During production, she conducted personal interviews with President Jimmy Carter, Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, Sam Donaldson, and Tommy Lasorda.

She also Co-Directed and Co-Produced the feature-length documentary, Lisl Baby, about the life of Photojournalist Lisl Steiner.  

She currently resides in Los Angeles where you can find her shooting portrait photography in her spare time.


Breast Implant Illness Survivor

Sheri Clemente was born in New York. Los Angeles is home. She has worked in the music and film industry behind the scenes for most of her career. This is Sheri's first time producing and being on-camera, sharing her story while narrating the stories of many others. After years of silently suffering from debilitating symptoms, a series of "coincidences" let Sheri to a private group of women experiencing almost identical symptoms from breast implants.



Steven Ullman (Producer) produced the feature-length docudrama film Miss Lillian– The Lillian Carter Story. He has been producing and directing live theatre for more than 30 years and is the only producer in Los Angeles to win the L.A. Stage Alliance Ovation Award for Best Musical three times. His productions have starred Sean Penn, Danny Aiello, Mare Winningham, Rene Auberjonois, Iogene Coca, Billy Porter, Nora Dunn, Stephanie J. Block, Robert Morse, and many others. For more information, please visit



Help us complete Post-Production on this powerful documentary.

Any amount helps us complete the film.

All Donations are Tax-Deductible.

If you prefer to donate by check, please make your check payable to The Los Angeles Women’s Theatre project and mail it to:

10061 Riverside Dr.  Ste 528, Toluca Lake, Ca 91602

*Clicking the button below will take you to our donation page.

Please see below for Thank You Perks.

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$25 – $50 – A “thank you” in the end credits of the film.

$51 – $80 – A “special thank you” in  the end credits of the film.

$81 – $120 – A “very special thank you” in the end credits of the film.

Plus an official EXPLANT Poster

$121 – $300 – A “very special thank you” in the end credits of the film. 

Plus an official EXPLANT Water Bottle and Poster.

$301 – $500 – A “very special thank you” in the end credits of the film.

Plus an official EXPLANT Hat, Water Bottle, and Poster.

$501 – $800 – A “special thank you” in the end credits of the film.

Plus an official EXPLANT T-shirt, Water Bottle, and Poster.

$2500  -  “Associate Producer” credit in the film’s credits, all previous perks, and 10% will go towards funding an explant surgery for a woman in need.  

Please fill out the form below and Producer Steven Ullman will contact you.

$5000 and above - Talk with us about investment possibilities. Please fill out the form below and Producer Steven Ullman will contact you.

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